Protect the Health of Future Leaders

360 Talent is for forward-thinking managers who want to help rising stars get the most out of a very important topic in today's new world: health in high performance. Rather than deliver the same generic well-being information, 360 enables you to do so much more. Give employees access to 360's technology over a three-month period, so that they can see firsthand how their body and brain adapt to stress and lifestyle. Anchor this with our first-class education, so that employees can test strategies and prioritise what works for their personal physical and mental health. Make your programme the best in can be with access to our coaching faculty who have decades of experience in proactive healthcare consulting professional athletes and C-Suite executives at the highest level.

  • Improve Resilience
  • Enhance Mental Health
  • High-Quality Education
  • Protect Against Fad
  • Make Positive Change
  • Build Optimism
  • Enhance Team Culture
  • Retain Key Talent
  • Attract New Talent
  • Develop Your Potential
  • Understand Teams
  • Build Social Capital
  • Reduce Talent Burnout
  • Reduce Absenteeism
  • Measure Presenteeism
  • Reduce Presenteeism
  • Prevent Chronic Illness
  • Improve Wellbeing

Retain your best talent, protect productivity, and enhance culture.

When you have already invested in talent, it makes sense to give them the tools, technology and knowledge they need to protect their well-being. Our ‘Health in High-Performance Suite™’ is the perfect addition to any programme you already run. It can integrate seamlessly. It nurtures connection and culture. It also builds a shared language around physical and mental health.

Shared Knowledge

We provide talent with science and strategies they need to prevent burnout, protect mental health, and maintain the underlying energy to sustain high performance. The 360 system creates a unified approach that can change lives.

Personal Control

Our technology gives individuals control in their well-being. At a time of such uncertainty, the 360 app provides proactive data and preventative feedback to help individuals look after their health and performance.


Make well-being a performance advantage.

As you know, when it comes to talent, ability is not the problem. Your people are brilliant. They work hard. They are committed to their careers. They go above and beyond and are deep learners. The challenge with talent is not skills or ability, it is access: How do you help talent access their best over the long-term without burning out or jeopardising their well-being? We have the experience, expertise and solution to help you protect your future leaders.

Enhance Culture

With so much uncertainty around job security, new work demands, changing workplace exposure, and the future economy, the 360 system can make an immediate impact to talent, culture and your bottom line. The recent pandemic is forcing unparalleled change and stress, but also an opportunity.

Boost Camaraderie

Resilient organisations are built by resilient people. Working with 360 is not just a sign of business intelligence in an age of COVID-19: It shows that you care. It provides talent with new health skills to help their performance through into the "new normal". It also creates a shared approach that everyone can contribute to.

Avoid Future Storms Created By COVID-19.

Even before COVID-19, key trends were beginning to intersect that will create major problems for organisations in the future. Healthcare costs and insurance premiums are rising significantly. Mental health trends of employees are deteriorating. Chronic illness and comorbidity continue to grow. Musculoskeletal pain continues to be a central cause of absenteeism in organisations despite health and safety regulations. The net result is a growing economic burden for employers and a growing well-being burden for employees. With COVID-19, it’s become even more urgent to take action now. This is a disease that exploits on all of these trends and adds enormous stress and uncertainty to so many people. In 2020-2021, HR must prepare for an increase in burnout and chronic illness trends, unless proactive steps are taken now.

Reactive Healthcare Costs

According to a 2019 Willis Towers Watson Survey, healthcare costs continue to rise 5% year on year, well above inflation. Affordability of reactive care is now seen as a primary issue for employers.

COVID-19 & Comorbidity

A 2020 meta-analysis found that the odds of someone with cardiovascular disease experiencing major illness with COVID-19 are x2.93 greater compared to healthy populations.

Mental Health Issues

The World Health Organization has predicted that by 2030, depression will be the leading cause of disease burden globally. COVID-19 is only going to speed up this trend.

Chronic Illness Trends

A 2019 study in the journal Nature found that over 50% of deaths worldwide can be attributed to chronic inflammation, which COVID-19 exploits. Lifestyle medicine can be very protective here.

Stress & Uncertainty

According to data from the UK Health & Safety Executive, work-related stress, depression and anxiety have been climbing since 2001. The pandemic and economic fallout will increase this.

Chronic Pain Trends

A 2018 Systematic Review published in The Lancet found that low back pain is the single biggest cause of years lived with disability worldwide. It is also strongly correlated to stress.

Now is the time to take action to protect talent. Our offering gives employees clarity, control, and peace of mind in their health. It addresses the burning issues of our time with evidence-based science as the guide: COVID-19, physical wellness and mental health. It enables your employees to measure and improve their health for sustainable high performance. This is our specialism, and we cannot wait to share it with you.

—  Justin Buckthorp, CEO, 360 Health & Performance


Clinical Research Studies


A huge portion of our work behind the scenes goes into research and development. At present, 2837 studies from evidence-based medicine literature underpin our systems and technology, and this is growing all the time. We are meticulous in our review of research studies; analysing each paper for their strengths and weaknesses in terms of design set up, methodology and statistical analysis. We then compare each paper to the weight of high-quality clinical research literature that already sits within our system. When you work with 360, you get immediate access to an unparalleled depth of experience and expertise across the health and performance sciences.


Digital innovation that empowers high performers.

Our proprietary technology is truly one of a kind. For your employee, it is simple and easy to use: taking just two minutes in the morning to check-in on the app. That’s it. No annoying app notifications. No need to wear some kind of health widget all day. Our approach is more elegant than that.

We went to great lengths to make everything about our technology consumer-friendly on the outside, yet clinical-grade on the inside. At each check-in, we capture dozens of subjective and objective data points that influence the physical wellness, mental health, and emotional resilience of the individual that day, and into the future.

Supported by AI and machine learning, the 360 app analyses this data to provide simple, actionable daily insight to your employee to help them proactively look after their mental and physical health. Our technology has been tried and tested since 2016 in professional sport and private healthcare clinics, and now we are ready to share with innovative organisations that want an edge.

Protect your talent.

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