Technology & Analytics

We make it easy for employers to measure the physical wellbeing, mental health, and emotional resilience of staff post-COVID-19.

Talent & Leadership

We help employers protect the energy and performance of future leaders, business-critical staff, and over-utilised departments.

Consulting & Advisory

Anonymised group data analytics surfaces hidden insight that can be used to build relevant, agile, metric-driven strategies.

How do your staff feel about coming back to the office? Get the data you need to look after people and your business.

With 360, you can learn how employees are feeling, doing and adapting over time. Our mobile technology measures subjective wellbeing and objective health and resilience. This empowers employees to live better, and your business to perform better.

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Companies that thrive after COVID-19 will be those that do not simply adapt to new needs in their business - they will also adapt to new needs from their employees.

Employees are coming back to work after a period of lockdown that will have created significant mental and emotional stress across the board. They will have new concerns about exposure to COVID-19 on their commute and whilst sat in the office. Unless companies prepare for this proactively, reactive healthcare costs will spiral. 360 helps employees take control of their health and employers to take control of workplace wellbeing.

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The physical and mental health of talent and leadership has never been more important. Our approach helps you reduce costs, build culture and increase productivity. 
J.P. Morgan  Senior Partner & CEO

We are a leading independent broker and trader banking.

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