Prevent Burnout with Proactive Support

360 Executive ensures continuity of high-performance care for C-suite leaders and business-critical talent. Existing healthcare delivery is reactive and late-stage. It provides urgent care only when executives are already burned out and struggling with chronic health issues. We have seen this for years coaching C-suite executives privately, and it is their story and input that led to the development of our innovative approach. Our programme ensures that those individuals with a disproportionate effect on business outcomes have ongoing technology and private support at the touch of a button throughout the year. It's a breakthrough service that enables your people and business to hit new levels of success.

Help your leaders look after their health, energy, and performance.

Empower leaders in their physical, mental, and emotional health.

A dedicated 360 Performance Coach to support executive wellbeing.

Rapid 1-2-1 support providing answers, support and peace of mind.

"A company cannot pull on the same rope if those at the front are on their knees. COVID-19 has created a level of demand on executives unlike anything before, and we are here to help."

—  Justin Buckthorp, CEO, 360 Health & Performance

The Innovation Opportunity

Outperform Your Peers

Resilient and innovative companies are built by resilient and innovative leaders. COVID-19 represents an opportunity to reimagine and take your business to new heights. A pre-requisite to success here will be underlying health, energy and well-being of executives.


Executives believe COVID-19 will fundamentally change how they do business over the next 5 years.


Executives believe COVID-19 is an opportunity, but only 21% feel confident their business can capture it.


Executives believe that the COVID-19 crisis will end up being the most challenging moment in their career.

Source: McKinsey Innovation through Crisis Survey, April 2020


High Tech. High Touch. High Performance.

Our Executive Development Programme is for organisations who want something more, something better; a genuine step-change in how they support the energy and human performance of leaders.

Age, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and COPD are tied to worse outcomes with COVID-19. This puts leaders in the front-line of risk for future exposures, which makes the pivot to prevention more important than ever before. Our programme is geared for that.

Helping executives modify their environment and health habits requires a multi-dimensional approach involving technology, coaching, education and support. Our programme delivers that, utilising cutting-edge AI-powered technology to facilitate behaviour change.

Improving health and resilience trends for executives is a possible game-changer culturally and economically: reducing healthcare costs, changing lives, building social capital and enhancing productivity.

With COVID-19, healthcare is now permanently on the agenda for organisations. Investing in in high-performance programmes with health at the core can be a vital lever for future growth.

Now Is The Time To Pivot To Prevention

To be exceptional in any field requires us to push beyond certain limits. In this respect, stress is a positive force for growth. Problems occur when an individual does not know when to push and when to adjust, based on their underlying resilience. Burnout has far-reaching effects on multiple systems in the body. A 2017 Systematic Review found burnout to be a causal factor in several physical, psychological, and occupational problems, highlighted below (Salvagioni et al.) The current paradigm of executive care is completely inadequate in this respect. It addresses the economic costs and human consequences of burnout only when the problem is firmly in place. With 360, you can mitigate this problem altogether by being proactive, preventative and empowering in your high-performance care.


Burnout is a predictor of fatigue, and they influence each other in a downward spiral.


Burnout predicts difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep.


Burnout predicts hospitalisation due to heart and cardiovascular disease.


Workers with high burnout levels have twice the risk of developing musculoskeletal pain.


Burnout predicts depression, brain fog and behavioural problems.


Workers with burnout are x2 more likely to be off work for more than 60 days.

"The limiting factor in sustainable high performance for most senior executives is health: the physiological capacity to excel above the norms over the long-term. We help leaders look after their physical and mental health."

—  Justin Buckthorp, CEO, 360 Health & Performance

Looking To The Future

Without proactive intervention, clinical research suggests an almost inevitable healthcare crisis for all-star employees that support their business through COVID-19. This is due to cumulative allostatic load placed on systems in the body. Take action now and it is possible to offset the long-tail of the pandemic impacting company costs, culture and success.

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