How has your team's resilience been affected by Covid-19?

One of the biggest challenges that companies face as they look to the future is understanding how to protect the resilience of their workforce.

Resilience is the foundation to sustainable high performance, regardless of a person’s seniority and industry.

With resilience, we can deal with uncertainty, face challenges, support others, lead ourselves and reach key goals.

Without resilience, everything is compromised. Our health is depleted. Our energy is compromised. Our clarity of mind and executive function is less than ideal.

So how do you talk about resilience with your employees? Are you aware of what resilience means, from a scientific rather than behavioural perspective?

Watch the video below, and get in touch with questions. At 360, we can not only educate your teams on resilience in high performance, we can measure it accurately too using our app.

There has never been a more important time to measure, understand and support the resilience of employees.

With a new “hybrid” workforce, the potential for post-pandemic fatigue, and the effect of cumulative stress from the past 18 months, now is the time to understand the needs of your team to support culture and productivity.

We offer a guarantee of impactful data in 30 days or your money-back. Get in touch today.

Understand the resilience of your teams in 30 days, of your money-back.

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