Improve the physical & mental health of your people.

360 Discovery is an experience management programme for leaders who are frustrated with the lack of data from typical well-being interventions and want to understand how employees are feeling and adapting. This is perfect as employees transition to a hybrid way of working post-Covid. We make it easy for you to measure the resilience of teams, both subjectively and physiologically. Our group data analytics help you protect employee anonymity whilst at the same time surfacing group trends you need to know about. If you want to understand the needs of employees and build relevant, data-driven wellness programmes, 360 Discovery is a guaranteed game-changer in your business. You are in control.

Digital Health

Empower your employees to take control of their wellbeing with our mobile app and online platform.

Group Analytics

Understand how teams are feeling, coping and adapting with our group analytics.

Advisory Services

Make agile, data-driven decisions to protect your employees, culture and future business.

For Employees.

Personalised, Proactive & Preventative Wellness

As employees adapt to the pandemic, it is essential to give them the knowledge and personalised wellness tools to look after their physical and mental health. Our Discovery Programme does just that.

Employees get access to 360's iOS health app, which has been tried and tested since 2016 in healthcare clinics, professional sport, c-suite coaching and business. It's easy to use yet powerful in protecting the individual's health, energy, and resilience using it.

On top of our technology, employees get generative email coaching and online webinars. The programme covers multiple topics, including immunity, sleep, nutrition, fitness, stress management, emotional intelligence, mental health and resilience.

Over 3400 papers from evidence-based medicine go into our technology, content and services. With nearly 20 years of direct healthcare experience working with individuals and organisations, we know how to take complex science and make it practical.

By the end of a programme with us, employees feel in greater control of their health. They will have knowledge that lasts for a lifetime. They will have insight. They will know what works for them from a personalised wellness perspective, having used the app to understand how different lifestyle factors impact subjective wellness and physiological health.

For Employers.

Wellness Data, Insight & Analytics

Our Discovery Programme is for organisations that lack wellbeing data to make informed decisions about employee needs, employee trends and future risk.

If your wellbeing data is incomplete, inconsistent or reactive, you are not alone. Deloitte's Human Capital Trends Survey for 2020 showed that 80% of organisations see wellbeing as very important for success. Still, only 12% are ready to make it the priority it needs to be. We are here to close this gap between "importance" and "readiness".

Any firm that wishes to react quickly to external events and navigate COVID-19 successfully needs real-time, high-quality, subjective and objective employee wellness data analytics.

The alternative to getting the data required to tell a story and make proactive decisions is flying blind, making a series of decisions about employees based on assumptions and guesswork. This lack of data will cost any organisation far more financially over time than getting relevant data now.

Our group data analytics provides you with unparalleled insight. You can quantify the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of teams over time. You can see changing patterns in sleep, energy, diet, exercise and happiness. You can identify risk thresholds for burnout, absenteeism and presenteeism.

Most importantly, you can capture all of this insight while protecting the anonymity of employees. Our app actively prevents any identifiable data from being gathered on both the front end and the backend. Your data is your data, with each employee protected to GPDR standards and beyond.

Privacy & GDPR Compliance Guaranteed.

We are the only digital wellness company to fuly anonymise all users as standard. Other apps and wearables require a level of information that enables identification on the backend. At 360, we do not. It's your data, and your data only.

No Names Needed

We do not require any names for your employees to use the app. They are 100% anonymised.

No Email Addresses Needed

We do not require any email addresses for your employees to use the app. It's 100% anonymised.

No Date of Birth Needed

We do not require a date of birth for your employees to use 360. Data is 100% anonymised.

Getting Started Is Easy.

Pick who you want to help, and begin within days

We make it easy for you to get the insight you need to protect employees and make informed decisions in your employee wellness.

1/ Pick a team, department, or office. It could be as small as ten people or as large as 1000 people. You choose based on your needs. You can also decide how long you want the programme to run. It could be as little as four weeks or up to a year. You drive everything.

2/ Kickstart your programme within days. It's easy to get started. We have the materials ready to go - from wellness seminars, delivery of the 360 app to employees, and rapid onboarding of employees to our online platform for staff to enjoy. They access cutting-edge information on all the hot topics in health and wellness.

3/ Get weekly reports from 360 that surface hidden insight that you can use to understand team needs. Understand how sleep, energy, diet, exercise and happiness impacts wellbeing over time. Quantify objectively levels of burnout, mental health risk and absenteeism before problems occur. Learn how to save money, pain and effort down the line.

"Currently, wellbeing programmes lack high-quality metrics. Without dats showing how you teams are feeling, coping and responding to change it is impossible to leverage wellness, predict future needs and enhance productivity. 360 Discovery changes this forever. It's a game changer. We make it easy for you to measure employee wellbeing, surface hidden insight, and create programmes that deliver."

— Justin Buckthorp, CEO, 360 Health & Performance International

Close Data Gaps

Use data analytics from 360 Discovery to create a wellbeing strategy that supports culture and the bottom line.

Mental Health

Understand team trends with regards to stress, anxiety and emotional resilience.

Chronic Illness

Measure chronic illness risk in teams over team to improve employee and business outcomes.

Stress Resilience

Learn the subjective and objective resilience of teams, and take early action to help.

Team Emotions

Understand how teams are feeling in response to change, uncertainty and COVID-19.

Health Presenteism

Measure group health presenteeism objectively using our neurophysiological metrics.

Wellness Trends

Learn the impact of sleep, diet, exercise, stress and lifestyle on the wellness of teams.

Engagement Data

On average, employees use our app 5.3 times per week. This level of engagement exceeds industry benchmarks, which we are very proud of. Users tell us that they reason they want to use it most days of the work is because it gives them the proactive data they need to look after their health, energy and resilience.

What We Do Works

Employee Retention on Wellbeing Programmes (Willis Towers Watson 2018 Survey) 39%
Employee Retention On A 360 Discovery Programme After Six Weeks 84%

We are different for a reason. Consumer apps and wearables tell you what you have done that day (sleep, steps, etc). These are lag markers and retrospective in nature. In contrast, our technology tells you what you need that day to look after your mental and physical health. This is positive, proactive and gives you control.

Our Guarantee To You.

We offer a cast-iron guarantee. If you do not have the objective metrics you need to generate a return on investment by the end of the programme, we will continue to give our technology to your employees free of charge until you do. This gives you peace of mind that you are getting value for money and guaranteed results.

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