Our mission is to make it easier for you to improve the wellbeing of employees, whilst at the same time improving the profitability of your business.

At the moment, organisations struggle to align these outcomes.

In our experience of working with leaders, C-suite and HR want to invest in the wellbeing of employees. They understand how important mental health is. They want to proactively protect the health and wellness of their people. They want to improve productivity and support culture at every level.

However, the current paradigm for workplace wellness is failing companies. Wellbeing programmes lack metrics and this causes multiple problems:

– With no accurate baseline measure that captures the mental and physiological wellbeing of employees, it is impossible to determine the return on value and investment of a wellbeing initiative afterwards.

– In the absence of data to quantify levels of health presenteeism on an ongoing basis, companies cannot measure the cost of this on productivity nor its relationship to health absenteeism down the line.

– Without data to understand the physical and mental health trends of staff, wellbeing continues to be a nebulous area of any business rather than a central foundation to it.

This leads to a merry-go-round of initiatives that do not move the needle for employees or the business.

It can be different, and it needs to be different.

With Covid-19 there is the convergence of trends that can cause huge problems for the future for businesses unless they take the right course of action now:

– 1 in 3 employees are now experiencing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression

– 67% of employees are reporting greater burnout since the pandemic began

Physical health has got significantly worse during lockdown

Every day that goes by without understanding employee needs is a missed opportunity for a better workforce and a better business.

At 360, our passion is to help organisations get the most from their wellbeing strategy. We have over 20 years of experience in health and wellness, and have the deep expertise required to help leaders most fast and in the right way to support employee wellbeing.

– We help organisations become data-driven in their wellbeing strategy. Many blue-chip management consultancies talk about this with their clients when discussing human capital, but few understand it because they lack the direct healthcare training required as well as the requisite R&D stack to support intervention.

– We help employees take control of their physical and mental health. Our programmes can combine any number of assets from our ecosystem, including the 360 digital health app, group data analytics, wellbeing consulting, employee education, private coaching and telehealth.

– We are here to help the world transition from a reliance on reactive healthcare to proactive and preventative wellness.

For organisations that believe, as we do, in the limitless nature of human potential, we are here to work with you to make a lasting difference.

The team have been supporting the health, energy and performance of individuals since 2002. This experience has helped to shape the four core values we live by today.



Our essential purpose is to positively contribute to individuals and organisations’ health, wellbeing, and high performance. In doing so, we aim to support future economic prosperity and sustainability.


To help people and organisations to thrive, we pride ourselves on creating cutting-edge transformational technology and services grounded in extensive research and development from evidence-based medicine.


Our technology is reverse-engineered from the ground up to protect an individual’s right to privacy and anonymity. As a technology-driven company, we do not build our value by accumulating personal information but by enhancing the lives of individuals and businesses we support.


Everything we do is designed to empower individuals with the clarity, insight and behaviour-change tools they need to care for their health, energy and performance proactively.

360 Health & Performance was founded in 2012 by Justin Buckthorp as a by-product of his direct coaching experience supporting executives in their wellbeing.

Justin had been coaching c-suite executives privately for over a decade at this time, and was continually being told that organisations were still struggling to get employee healthcare and wellbeing right.

From a healthcare perspective, there was too much reliance on late-stage reactive care. This was causing insurance premiums to go up year on year well above the rate of inflation. Whilst these c-suite leaders knew that model of care was important for them and their employees, it was expensive.

The late-stage model of healthcare was also inefficient in that it only kicked once an employee had significant pathophysiology in place and therefore required diagnostics and intervention. It addressed the fifth domino rather than the first.

From a wellbeing perspective, leaders also told Justin that the model was broken. Whilst there was a wide recognition that proactive physical and mental health was important, existing solutions were generic, disconnected and lacked metrics. As a result, there was no incentive to make wellbeing front and centre because it would be hard to demonstrate return on value and investment.

Indeed, Justin had his team had delivered wellbeing sessions, keynotes and presentations for many years but they wanted to do more. Clinical research is clear that positive behaviour change requires a combination of assets; knowledge, skills, belief, motivation, optimism, support, reinforcement, action planning, feedback, habit mastery, and the ability to self-monitor. In this context, existing wellbeing solutions fail.

It was from this context that 360 has built its product and services.

Everything we do at 360 is designed to empower both employees and businesses to thrive by harnessing proactive and preventive wellness. 

On an employee level, our products and services make it easier for individuals to take control of their physical and mental health. We help people master those elements of positive behaviour change, as outlined above.

On an employer level, our products and services help leaders build a metric-driven approach to employee wellness so that it can become a positive and powerful force for good at all levels; economically and culturally.


Listen to the experience of our clients.

Our Ecosystem


AI-powered digital health mobile app to protect and empower employees.


Surface key insight into the physica and mental health of teams.


Build proactive, agile and effective wellbeing programmes using data analytics.


Give employees high-quality, evidence-based advice on health and wellness.


Support key talent and business-critical teams to facilitate business continuity.


Provide employees with Telehealth services for responsive and personalised care.