360’s mission is to help organisations improve the wellbeing and productivity of employees through a data-driven, proactive and evidence-based approach.

The convergence of previous megatrends – including a rise in chronic illness, worsening mental health, increasing burnout, and an over-reliance on reactive healthcare – is not sustainable.

With COVID-19, the topic of employee wellbeing is more important than ever. It’s hard to build culture from the kitchen. It’s difficult for leaders to support employees if they do not know how they feel, cope, and adapt to stress and uncertainty. It requires a new way of approaching wellness, with a hybrid workforce that works at home and in the office.

Current wellbeing initiatives are not generally good enough because they lack pre-programme, in-programme and post-programme metrics. This lack of data makes it impossible for a business to accurately determine the needs of employees, health risk factors, future trajectory and a return on investment.

Until organisations harness data analytics in the same way they do for other business functions, wellbeing will continue to be a revolving door of challenges disconnected from the rest of the business.

360 exists to change the value proposition of employee wellbeing forever. We are here to empower individuals to live better and reach their potential. We are also here to enable organisations to perform better and build a better future for the world.

For this to happen, we have created an ecosystem of services that integrate digital health technology, group data analytics, wellbeing consulting, employee education, private coaching and telehealth.

By working with 360, firms can pivot to prevention, saving money on late-stage reactive healthcare incurred through absenteeism, presenteeism and insurance claims.

HR and leadership can accurately measure the subjective and physiological wellbeing of teams over time to surface hidden insight and create relevant, agile, effective programmes.

Organisations can also protect the health, energy and performance of talent and executives to help grow the business while also building social capital.


The team have been supporting the health and performance of individuals since 2002, and this has helped to shape the four core values we live by today.

CONTRIBUTION: Our essential purpose is to positively contribute to individuals and organisations’ health, wellbeing, and high performance. In doing so, we aim to support future economic prosperity and sustainability.

INNOVATION: To help people and organisations to thrive, we pride ourselves on creating cutting-edge transformational technology and services grounded in extensive research and development from evidence-based medicine.

PRIVACY: Our technology is reverse-engineered from the ground up to protect an individual’s right to privacy and anonymity. As a technology-driven company, we do not build our value by accumulating personal information but by enhancing the lives of individuals and businesses we support.

EMPOWERMENT: Everything we do is designed to empower individuals with the clarity, insight and behaviour-change tools they need to care for their health, energy and performance proactively.

360 Health & Performance was founded in 2012 by Justin Buckthorp. Justin had been coaching executives in their health and wellness privately for over a decade, but he saw something missing. Time and again, senior leaders sought his expertise to help them recover from burnout or chronic health challenges. Justin knew there was never a more critical time to share the science and strategies of proactive and preventative healthcare to a broader audience.

Justin and his team have since delivered onsite and online employee wellbeing programmes, which was a start. But still, it wasn’t enough. The delivery of education alone is not enough to create positive and sustainable behaviour change, regardless of the quality of content. People need personalised insight to feel motivated and make lasting change.

With this in mind, 360 invested in building a digital health app that could take employee wellness to a new place. We set about building a whole new category, something that never existed before. We wanted to offer a new paradigm in employee wellbeing: what we call 4P wellness.

The 4P’s stand for:

Personalised – providing employees with individualised insight
Preventative – helping organisations decrease reliance on reactive health
Participatory – empowering staff to take control of their wellbeing
Predictive – help leaders and HR understand future trends using data

We tested the technology and ecosystem in clinics, organisations and elite sport from 2016-2020. We can now offer this 4P wellness paradigm to any firm committed to improving employee health, wellbeing, and productivity.

We do not work with everyone, nor do we seek to. Our mission is to collaborate with leaders who see the value in what we offer and who see the future of employee wellness as we do.


AI-powered digital health mobile app to protect and empower employees.


Surface key insight into the physical well-being, mental health and emotional resilience of teams.


Curate well-being programmes using data analytics and choose vendors based on needs.


Give employees high-quality, evidence-based, fad-free well-being information and advice.


Support talent and business-critical employees with both team and 1-to-1 coaching.


Provide employees with telehealth services for responsive and personalised well-being support.