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We are over the moon to learn that 360 has won Gold at the London Design Awards for Digital Health. 

We are so happy for everyone involved; our digital team at Tigerspike, our clients who have given us amazing feedback since we first launched the app in 2016, and of course those in 360 who have helped shape everything from concept to completion.

You can learn more about the awards here. From ground-breaking apps accelerating medical research to apps helping consumers make healthier choices, Driven by Design looks for apps that are making health information and medical services more accessible to all.

We are incredibly proud to have won the Digital Health category and truly excited about the future.

Protecting Physical and Mental Health.

Surface Insight

Quickly understand how you are responding to stress and life-load.

Live Smart

AI-driven insight to nudge daily behaviours in the right direction.

Reflect & Learn

Use the Journal and Tags to track lifestyle factors.

Proactive wellness

Prevent illness, protect mental health and live proactively.

Measure Resilience | Surface Insight | Empower Teams

To learn how 360 can help you improve the health, resilience and productivity of your employees, get in touch today.

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