Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Two-minute Troubleshoot

Checking-in on 360 has been built to be quick and easy. If there any issues (either connecting or saving a score) we recommend double-checking the following in case external apps or devices are causing issues:

1) Bluetooth:

Depending on the version of iOS you have in your device, it may be that sometimes Bluetooth is held by another app or wearable, preventing 360 from connecting. If you cannot connect to the Polar in 360 when checking-in, swipe close all apps (including 360), turn Bluetooth off and on again, and then try again in 360.

2) Polar battery status and firmware:

Bluetooth connection may drop out when the battery on the Polar H10 is low. The Polar device firmware also needs to be updated occasionally. ​​You can check the status of your H10 battery by downloading and opening the free Polar Beat app, and connecting to the sensor there. You can check for device firmware updates by downloading and opening the free Polar Flow app and checking your device status there. Please swipe close the Polar apps once you have checked here, should you want to get a reading with 360.

3) Internet connection:

To save scores, 360 needs access to the internet because your scores are stored in the cloud.

If you have any other issues, please get in touch at [email protected].

Thanks, and enjoy 360!