Empower your employees in their physical and mental health.

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The Challenge

Employee wellness has never been more important, but there have also never been so many challenges to delivering a programme that works.

Chronic Illness

Healthcare expenditure on lifestyle-driven non-communicable diseases are rising above the rate of inflation year after year.


The pandemic has brought a host of new wellness challenges for employees across physical, mental and emotional health.

Hybrid Workforce

Supporting the wellness needs of employees is harder in a new hybrid model of work working from home and in the office.

Mental Health

Anxiety, depression and presenteeism were all signficant problems beofre, but are now at an all-time high with Covid-19.

Vendor Issues

It can be hard to find the right vendor, at the right price, with the right offering, to meet the needds of your people.

Staff Engagement

Employees have different health goals and wellness priorities, and do not respond to one-dimensional wellbeing programmes.

Return on Value

Most companies fail to deliver a clear return on value and investment in wellbeing. They lack the metrics required to determine success.

Protecting Talent

Competition to keep talent has never been greater. Employees expect a different type of wellbeing programme nowadays.

Kickstart Your Journey

Capture Essential Insight

For too long, companies have struggled to build the business case for employee wellness. They know wellbeing matters, but without data, programmes have been very hit and miss. We have changed that forever. With 360, we empower you to build a metric-driven approach to wellness.

Protect Your People

With the rise of health technology, employee wellness has never been more overwhelming. Some apps focus on mental health. Other apps look to fitness. Wellness is clunky. We make it easy for you to understand the physical, mental and emotional health of teams, whilst protecting personal privacy.

Improve Your Business

How did the physical and mental health of employees change in your organisation in the last month? This is a key question, which most business leaders cannot answer. With 360, you can understand employee trends, predict future costs, decrease absenteeism and make informed rapid decisions.


To look after your employees, you need the right kind of data.

Companies want to protect the health and wellness of employees during the COVID-19 era, but existing approaches do not work. Wellbeing programmes lack data to show return on investment. Wellbeing surveys are limited. Fitness wearables do not account for the mental health and burnout risk of employees. These issues prevent leaders and HR from truly understanding their people and leading them successfully. 360 knows the nuance and science in each of these challenges. We have connected the dots so that you don't have to.

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A win for employees. A win for your business.

There has never been a more vital time for employees to feel in control of their health. Our technology gives individual employees the personalised daily insight they need to look after their physical and mental health and continue to make progress in their careers. Meanwhile, 360's anonymised group data analytics surfaces hidden insight that employers can use to understand the needs of their people, build relevant wellness initiatives, and support the business successfully through COVID-19. 360 helps employees to live better, and your company to perform better.

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"As we navigate the long tail of the pandemic, it is not just employees that need support. Senior leaders are also vulnerable to burnout and chronic health issues as they steer their people to calmer waters. 360 has 20 years of experience directly coaching c-suite executives in their health. We can work with your most business-critical talent anywhere in the world."
Justin Buckthorp  Founder & CEO of 360 Health & Performance International
Enterprise Wellness Analytics


When you work with 360, you get so much more than your average workplace wellness programme. We curate cutting-edge presentations, webinars, and seminars based on wellbeing topics including gut-brain axis, immunity, resilience, mental health, energy, nutrition, fitness, sleep, motivation, lifestyle change, stress, emotional intelligence, and sustainable high performance). And then we go further.

Alongside the fantastic content, your employees can get rapid access to our award-winning digital wellness app. The 360 app enables individuals to understand how their body and brain is responding to stress, with AI-driven insight that helps provide them with proactive advice to protect and enhance their wellbeing.

In addition to our content and technology, you can also benefit from our breakthrough anonymised group data analytics. Until now it is has been impossible to build the business case for wellness because high-quality longitudinal metrics have not existed. Now they do. Imagine a future where you can understand team needs, build agile wellness programmes and support culture and talent. That future is here.


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