We understand how hard it can be to deliver wellbeing programmes that work.

Chronic Illness

Expenditure on lifestyle-driven diseases continue to go up above the rate of inflation year after year.


1 in 3 employees are now suffering mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Work Habits

The new hybrid model of working is making it harder to maintain culture and true connection.


1 in 3 employees say that feelings of burnout have increased during the pandemic.

Talent Retention

With employees leaving their organisations at record levels, there has never been a more important time to retain talent.

Wellbeing Partners

Too many companies hire different wellbeing vendors without first getting a baseline in employee needs.

Low Metrics

Current wellness programmes lack key metrics that are vital in understanding employee needs and future trends.

Return on Investment

Without longitudinal metrics to understand employee wellbeing, current programmes fail.

Our programmes empower your employees to a better life and give you the data you need to build metric-driven wellbeing strategies.

Zurich Insurance Plc

A win for employees. A win for your business.

  • Deliver an inspiring wellbeing initiative that informs and empowers
  • Support the physical and mental health of employees
  • Build something bespoke or use our cutting-edge programme
  • Give employees our award-winning wellness app for daily use
  • Protect the health and productivity of key talent and future leaders
  • Understand the ongoing needs of employees with group analytics
  • See how teams are responding to change, uncertainty and stress
  • Have peace of mind with our guaranteed return on investment

Getting started is easy.

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2. Use Our Expertise

Lean on us to empower your people - our R&D, content stack, online programmes, live workshops, and amazing wellness app.

3. Surface Key Insight

Our app anonymises employees - with backend group data surfacing vital mental and physical health trends.

The future is important.

People are your greatest asset.

Companies currently spend too much money on wellbeing programmes that do not work. As a result, reactive healthcare costs continue to go up, health presenteeism is unmeasured, and employee wellness initiatives are hit and miss. It can be different. We are here to make your life easier. We help you deliver programmes that work both for employees and your business.

Save time, money and effort in your wellbeing programmes. Let us help you build something that takes your business to a new level. 

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